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Friday, February 25, 2011

A couple of handy tips

Hi guys!  Today, I offer a couple of quick tips. 

#1.  If you use any kind of squeeze bottle, use a straight pin to plug the hole before you put the lid back on.  I love the dollar store, but do not use their pins.  They tend rust.  That will help prevent clogging.

    #2.  When using scissors to make small intricate cuts, use nail scissors!  Curved scissors work very well on designs with a lot of curves.  Try to move the paper, not your hand with the cut.

#3.  My local dollar store has been stocking spring/summer items.  I found wire baskets used for picnics.  I have one of these I use during the season.  They hold, in each section, forks/spoons/knives.  The back section is meant to hold paper plates.  Since I have already lost my Cricut ruler from my kit, I decided to purchase another to keep my essential tools organized and near me.  I will try to take a picture to show you later.  Works better than a beer glass!

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