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Saturday, April 2, 2011

OWH Another Card!

 This card was a total epiphany moment. I grabbed  the house ladder (my bath/laundry has a 12' cathedral ceiling w/skylight) to see if I had a container of small dollar store flowers left on the top shelf, to pull apart for embellishments. No luck. On the way down, I spied this......


I bought these when I started to remodel the bath 2? years ago. There are 8 on the sheet! They measure about 3½ x 3½, & I have 7 sheets left! (the camera glare is a combo of flash & evening sun through kitchen skylight, too excited to re-take)

I have been working all day on card design for OWH, made a few & made notes, but this one made me happy!.....

Again, forgive the glare, and I DO have macro on, it's the skylight.
Dixie will be getting several of these & I will be adding a sheet or 2 of plain paper inside to make more letter writing room.

Standard A2-white card stock
Matt=Wausau-Textures,Shell - ¼" smaller all around
1/8' coordinating purple ribbon= ACM
Inked edge = Cherry Cobbler Classic SU
3½ x 3½  or 3¼ x3¼  piece of scrap stock. (depends on your wallie & hou\w much you want to show.
I used 3¼ x3¼)
Put the scrap down & adhere the wally to it.
Eyelets, 1/8", in opposite coordinating colors in corners.
Assemble layers add a non dog chewed OWH stamp on the back!
(ml_owh_ed1) Pin It


Rhonda Miller said...

Oh my goodness, this makes a gorgeous card. TFS.

Staying Crafty said...

Very cute :)