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Sunday, March 6, 2011

OWH Blog Hop Winner

  Before I announce the winner of my 1st blog hop, I'd like to comment on your comments. I Love hummingbirds.
I do NOT blame Nike for eating my OWH free stamp. I think Bear (see pic on side bar) had such a 'happy tail' he knocked, she chewed. He is a 2 y/o yellow Lab and still a 'baby' himself! I have no room & and trying to organize. My craft space is a small spot on the kitchen table! And we won't talk about the cats! Paper chewers & tape mongers the bunch of them! I always wind up saying, 'Here's is your present, don't mind the fur on the tape'. And last time when I let AJ & Daisy (the cockatails) 'roam', Daisy, got in a corner and unbeknownst to me, unraveled 20 yards of ribbon! I Love hummingbirds.Then, Majick (1 of my cats) helped to 'spread' the joy! It's all good.! My GF, gave me a $20 for my BD to spend at ACM, I think she'll forgive me the fact I spent it on a paid OWH stamp . I Love hummingbirds.

 OH! Did I mention I love Hummers?! This as a male juvie. This spring, when he returns, his whole throat will be red shiny feathers. I did not know the sex of this bird till I downloaded the pic. The morning sun, combined with his posture made that ONE feather stick out! Hurry back 'Harry'!

OKBEE..Blog Candy........
Winner is...............

Cyndi S said...

    Love both of your cards but the 1st one is amazing.
I love it. How could you be mad at that adorable puppy,
she just wanted to give her stamp of approval. LOL

Congrats Cindy! I will send you a email soon. Please respond ASAP (48 hours.) 

Thanks y'all for joining me and for supporting this wonderful cause!

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