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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Rain Must Fall

  Good afternoon. I have been a bit under the weather here lately. And the weather outside is rainy, dark & dreary. We are starting to flood a bit. I just had a funny haha moment. Got one of those 'Everything $14.99' catalogs in the mail. I usually look through them before recycling looking for, what else...Hummingbird stuff! In this one, I didn't see any new items I needed, (well I DID, but not in my budget) but I saw something that I have seen before and it cracks me UP! While it IS a hummingbird product, Honestly, how many of you would use these? In my house, they'd never get outa the package!

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1 comment:

mom2maddie06 (Misty) said...

I don't think I NEED them, or would really use them.... but they sure are cute! lol