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Sunday, April 10, 2011

SO EXcited Announcments!!!

*This is a sticky. Please, if you can get past the darling white deer, scroll to LINK UP PARTY POST!, to see the latest*

I'd like to start here by saying I am SO having fun with this new blog and all I have seen & learned doing a few hops, I am hosting a Blog Hop in honor of that & just because they are fun! I am looking for your creative talent to contribute & join my 1st Hop & sponsors as well. Please email me or leave a comment with your blog address & a way to contact you & grab my Blinky & put it on your blog for me now, if you'd like to hop with me or to just help spread the word! Come on and join me, I'd love to have ya!
*W00T! We now have 20 Hoppers! And FIVE Fabulous Sponsors-> Please join the fun!*

Next, this has nothing to do with crafting, but I promised to post a pic of the white deer baby when I got one. Now, this is not the best. I took the old dig camera out, not the Rebel cause it was raining. I had to sneak up, not because they are afraid of me, cause I talk to them every day, but the base was going crazy today! Every BOOM!! made them jump (don't blame them...LOL) I live in the woods & Range Road firing practice ranges) of Ft.Dix borders me. *I should add here, my 10 acres on 3 sides is bordered by State Forrest land. And the ONLY shooting of white deer allowed on my land is with a camera! I am 1/2 Irish-1/2 American Indian & a Pisces. VERY superstitious!

(NO that is NOT the shep puppy!!)

Isn't she just SO sweet? Pin It


Dawnll said...

Love the albino picture- my children are native American and we believe this is good luck! Just beautiful
Wanted to pop in and thank you for entering my candy giveaway- but most of all for sharing on your blog.
Good Luck sweetie

Tanya said...

WOW!! Great pics!!! I too have heard they are good luck!! Can you please email me more info about your hop? :)


Amy said...

Congrats on being close to 100, Misty!! Bet you'll get there soon!! :) Thanks for your kind comment today -- So ya know -- The purse is NOT hard at all... I will try to post a tutorial, though it won't be for a week or so (given all I have to do this weekend)... But I am gonna try to submit something for your hop!! :) (and I'm not foolin'!!)

Thanks for hoppin' on April Fools!! :)
Amy :) at

Darlene said...

Thanks for posting on my blog! I am a new follower. How cool is that white deer. My youngest will love seeing these pics. I would love info on your upcoming blog hop and design team. Please email me at desaucier at bellsouth dot net

Alannah said...

I am now your follower! I hope you go to my blog and become my follower too!!!

Cyndi S said...

Absolutely beautiful. I would love to wake up to that everyday.

kathlee said...

Hi! I tried to display your blog hop info but the link isn't working for some reason!

Carlene said...

Hiya Misty! Ooooooooooh I love your blog! Thanks for checking out my blog in April's blog hop for April Fools Day. Your comment was so nice! Id love to join your hop if youll have me :-) email is

Exciting! xx

scrappinC said...

Wonderful picture. I am a new follower and look forward to your new creations. I absolutely love love hummingbirds.
Cindy Lou

Michelle D said...

Hey Misty! Thanks for stopping by the Easter blog hop! And for your sweet comments. I am now a follower & would love to take part in your blog hop! They are lots of fun! Now I'm off to have a look at all of the great stuff on your blog!

Oma said...

I never knew there were albino deer! I would love to take part in your blog hop - just email me the deets!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment!

Kara said...

What an adorable little deer! Thanks for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. I am now following your wonderful blog too :)

sallysbitz said...

Great pics x

I work near Richmond Park in London, England & we have lots of deer roaming around. It's great to see your pics.

Gonna go & grab your blinkie now & put in my side bar.

hugs sally x

Yolanda said...

Wow--I didn't even know deer came in white. Very cool!

scrappinC said...

Hello ~ I have passed along a blog award to you. Please visit my blog to claim it.

Cindy Lou

Janene said...

Hi ya. Such lovely pics - so awesome! We are lucky too that we have a woodland on the other side of our fence and so we see deer too. They're so beautiful and dainty but I bet they could kick hard! lol. Thank you for becoming a follower on my blog - what a lovely surprise for me :0) Have a great day/eve. Hugs Janene x

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Nice pictures, thanks for sharing!

hey, I have a giveaway here, please come join in the fun!

Gill McCall said...

Hi Misty - thanks for posting on my blog about your hop - yea id love to take part. let me know whats needed and for when and the line up - do you have a facebook group created for it?

i love this pics with the dear - so cute and wow albino !

Becks Cricards said...

Hi Misty,

I would like to take part in your hop! Just let me know the details and everything. You can email me at becky.mayhewlear AT or hop by my blog.

Are you on Facebook?

Shazza said...

lovely pics, I don't own any cutting machine but good luck with your hop!

Vicky McClean said...

LOVE THE DEER!!!!!!!!!!!!! never seen anything like it, OMG!!! How stinkin cute.......right, down to business.......i would love to be part of your hop at your request on my blog today,
here is my email addy
email me, let me know what you want and when & i'll see what i can do, it would be nice to know where you are in the world guessing the states, anyway, im here in South Yorkshire in the good old U.K North of the beautiful England

ok catch up soon with me then, hugs Vick xxx
by the way, im now following you too xxxxx

Vicky McClean said...

Hahaha that'll teach me, just noticed NJ, New Jersey right? lol.......a lovely part of the states so i am informed, would love to visit the states one day, i have a very close friend, well she's more like a sister who used to live in Vegas, but now lives in Missouri, right on a mahoosive lake with her own boathouse, i show wish i could go and see her......never been out of the UK anyways, email me when you can
vick xx

Cindy said...

Wonderful blog!! That little deer is adorable!! When I saw the Hummingbird, I thought, "Wow, and she gota hummingbird flying by at the same time.!"
Then I realized it wasn't real!! ha ha

Sweet Magnolia Rose said...

Hi Friend,
Just wanted to let my linky friends know I decided to give away my two Cricut Cake machines. I will no longer be using them  If you would like a chance to win them head over to my blog. The drawing is in 7 days…Good Luck to those who enter 


Susan said...

Hi Misty,

Thank you for stopping by my blog and following, I'm adding myself to your list also. What a great blog you have! I love the fact that you love animals so much. I do too. I also love the fact that you're part Irish and can dance a jig! My husband won many Irish dance competitions as a teen but yet he doesn't brag about it, which I don't know why because as you know it's not as easy as it might look. I look forward to chatting and seeing your projects!


Jenn Roseman said...

Hi. I posted the blinkie on my blog and i want to post it on fb, what time is the blog hop start and end?

Tanya said...

One word for you... GOOBER!!! LOL.. Love the comment you left!! Just wait till you see the frame we made for my daughter's friend. :) Have a great day toots. :)


Tanya said...

GOBSTOPPER??? ROFL.. You are a SERIOUS GOOBER!!! Hugs to ya chick!!


Tanya said...

LOL.. Girl I am ROLLING!!! You are a trip!!! I think you had too many sweets lately ;) hehe...


Tanya said...

LOL!!!!! You have officially LOST it!! People won't think WE are BONKERS.. they will think you are!!! How fun!! Thanks for the great smiles today!! Even hubby was amused by your "creative" lines.. LOL .. You are still a GOOBER tho ;)

ME :)

sallysbitz said...

Hello Misty.

About this blog hop.... what excatly do we have to do?

Is there a theme we have to follow?

When does it have to be done by?

When can I upload on my blog if I wish to participate.

I'd love to take part but am sooo unclear whats required from me x

hugs sally x