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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

Good Afternoon y'all! Monday was my birthday and I am still getting wonderful gifts!

I would like to say thanks to Jennifer for giving me a Stylish Blog Award and the Liebster Award!

 On these awards we are to thank the person who gave you the award and link it back to their blog. Share 8 things about yourself and pass it to eight people.
Next inform the individuals about their award. These are also to be given to people whose blogs that are pretty new or to bring more exposure to those you appreciate/follow.

Here is a list of 8 people who I gift this award to. BOY is this hard
to choose! I have seen some wonderful blogs in my wanderings.
And due to job downsize I have much more time to wander!

1. Maricela @ Crafting Rocks!

2. Misty @ Ladybug Scraping and Stuff

3. Crystal @ krystlebear Designs

4. Jenn @ Scrap Happens

5. Jamie @ Jamie's Crazy Crafty Life

6. Pat @ Just4Fun2

7. Jessica @ The Pink Paper Princess

8. Tanya @ Scrappin KY Momma

Now for my 8 about me. Gosh, I never thought about this before!
But on a Happy-Happy -Joy note, I get to learn some things about you!

1. I was born in Florida, but still consider Tucson Arizona my true home. I moved to NJ to help my Aunt & family after a act of violence caused hardship for them. Met my husband and never went back.

2.I LOVE Hummingbirds!

3.I love to read, garden & crafting, nature, corn-maze's, pizza, beer, NASCAR, football  and nature photography.

4.I am an avid supporter of childhood cancer programs.
We lost our son Tommy when he was 3.

5.My DH says we have too many animals. HUH? We only have 3 dogs, 5 cats, 6 birds, 14 chickens (fresh eggs!), 1 bunny, a couple of fish tanks & a few fish in a pond! OH forgot the 2 Betta's on the wall on either side of the med cabinet in bathroom! (Pop & Tart, my DD named them!) My horse died, but I want another one!

7. I LOVE Hummin...OOPS said that. I meant I am a huge fan of TCM.

8.I am new to blogging, but am having SO much fun meeting new friends!

Thank you Jennifer!
Ladies, let me know when you pick up your award and please follow me too!

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Jessica said...

Thanks so much for the award! You are too sweet!!! I can't wait to get home tonight and post it to my blog!!! BTW, I am a new follower of yours!!! Love your blog too!!

mom2maddie06 (Misty) said...

Hi Misty (hehe weird, yes!)! Thanks for my second award!! :) I couldn't tell about the hummingbird thing... haha
On a serious note, I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your little boy. Childhood cancer is evil :(

Tanya said...

Awww.. thank you Misty!!! You are too kind!!! I totally appreciate it!! Please email me your addy when you get a chance ok. :)


Scrapbooking Rocks said...

Thanks so much for the awards I am new to blogging and don't really know how to post the awards to my blog hopefully I will figure it out.

Jamie said...

Thank you so much Misty for the blog award!! I am a new follower of yours as well!

Amy said...

I wanted to stop on by and say THANKS so much for becoming a FABULOUS FOLLOWER at!! I really appreciate you giving me a shout out on your blog and posting my Giveaway Blinkie Button!! :)

Congrats on your awards, and I love Hummingbirds too!! :) I'm your newest follower :)

Amy :) at

Patricia Hurlburt said...

Congrats Misty!! Just wanted to let you know I sent your sparkly stuff today!! Yay, goodies on the way!!