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Monday, April 11, 2011

The Attitude Around Here!

Is positively stiffing!
(I have been working on projects, but they are for my hop this Friday! Ya gotta wait for it! LOL!)
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Sweet Magnolia Rose said...

I think the kitty feel neglected :0) You better that care of that. I would check your house plants for cat mines LOL

Gina said...

Super cute :) I am a new follower. If you wanted to visit me, you can find me at

MeLoveBono said...

Hi Misty...this is Vicki from You Tube (MeLoveBono) and

first of all, thank you for watching my video! I am glad you enjoyed it...there will be more because I am addicted to it! mentioned you would like to do videos but don't know how...believeeee me...if "I" can do it - you can do it ;)

I use a Flip Camera (now the price has come down a great deal since we bought ours but I paid around $200 for it at Target) And I use Windows Live Movie Maker to upload and edit the videos to You Tube. The worst part honey is the time it takes for the stuff to download and upload...but give it a try...I promise it is SO much easier than it know, maybe I should do a tutorial on doing videos? Would that help you? Let me know by writing me directly at ... (gosh it looks like I am a fanatic for Bono..and I do love Bono & U2 - but the main reason I used that name is I had to use something I would remember! LOL)

Tanya said...

GOOBER!!! Check YOUR email!!!

Ya know.. we REALLY gotta find a faster way to communicate!! :)