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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blog Hop Call!!!!!!!!!

We Love Our Hero’s Blog Hop 5/21
*Looking for participants & Sponsers*
*~This is a sticky, please scroll down for latest posts~*

This again is a hop to support and bring awareness to the works of Operation Write Home . In addition to cardmakers making cards for service persons to send home to their families, OWH has what they call ‘Hero Mail’. These cards can be any size; not just the usual required A2. They also include a personal note to ‘Any Hero’. We call them Hero’s, because OWH covers all branches of service. These are passed out to  deployed hero’s, who might not get much mail, or just passed around to enjoy news from home.  Here is more info.
I plan to send a few with a letter included as well as a picture, like the white deer on my Blog, or some of my flowers in bloom. We are told they LOVE this kind of letter!
 Now, If you do not want to make a card for this to send to OWH or to me, Whom do you consider a hero? Police Officer, Fireman, a Nurse or perhaps a Teacher? Go with it! Just have fun with your project!

 Replace the ‘All Creature’ Blinky with the new one on my Blog ASAP. That will give plenty of time for peeps to see it, grab it, and remember it! Again, if you want to offer a small bit of candy, that is up to you, as well as any rules to win will be your own.

If you want to invite someone you TRUST to participate in this hop, direct them to my Blog to sign up or give them my email.

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I'm in ...I was in the last OWH hop and LOVED it...MY friend Rexann from ibeCirled told me about this..what if you called the hop "WE WANT YOU" like the old post the service had?
Rebecca Minor

Rhonda Emery said...

I have a award for you on my blog. hugs

Linda Therrien said...

I would love to do the blog hop! I have two nephews that served and are now serving as police officers - very proud of them!!


I look forward to hear back from you with some more information and the line up.

Dawn W said...

Would love to join in the hop. give me more info.

flowerdisco said...

what a nice thing to do for our service man. way to go!

anyhow, i read about the flower. it is easier for you to see than for me to explain. google accordion flower or you can find a video on utube. trust me when i say i will confuse you more trying to explain it. hehe

they are easy to make. glad you stopped by and like my project. the bird is really cute.
thanks and big hug.

Ashley said...

What an awesome idea for a blog hop! I'd LOVE to join in! My husband is an active-duty Marine, and I'm a teacher. I look forward to hearing more information from you!

Lasting Memories Design Team member
proudusmcwife at gmail dot com

Jazmin said...

This is such a great idea for a Hop, and I am looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with. You've also inspired me to take this on a project. And as an Army Wife, "Thank You" so much for supporting the military.


**New Follower**

MeLoveBono - Ms. V to you ;) said...

oh my gosh girl....everytime I come by, your "place" is even more gorgeous! Your going to be professionally designing blogs soon! I LOVEEEEee the birds with the hats! I mean, does it get better?

WOW --- I am taken aback!

I loved your comment getaway - er giveaway - i had to laugh...listen when I do a get away, I am taking you! xoxox Vicki

Anonymous said...
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Tanya said...

Hi there my GOOBER friend ;) I was playing around today and OMGsh ... I am in LOVE with my project for the hop. :) Ok.. it's a card type project.. BUT.. I'm SOOO lovin it!!! Glad you stopped by my blog. Hope we get a few more scrappy pals to join us in the hop. :) Miss yappin with ya..
ME :)

Jan said...

Everybody loves a blog hop...thanks for the sweet comment on my recipe album :)

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Hi Misty, I need your mailing address, I'm ready to ship your package! You can contact me at gonestampin(at)gmail(dot)com

Hey, your blog hop sounds like fun I'd like to sign up.

Colleen Holmes said...

Love your blog and the hop is a fantastic idea!

In Love with a Bug said...

I would love to participate if you still have room. This is such a great cause! I am a new follower.

In Love with a Bug said...

It is me again. Wanted to let you know I have some blog awards for you on my blog:

Gina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gina said...

I am a new follower and I would love to join this hop. I also make cards for OWH and I participated in the Easter Blog Hop.