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Friday, April 8, 2011

Don't this BEAT all?!!

Howdy y'all!
I am still trying to get ready for Coco's 14th party tomorrow. Tom had a day off yesterday so he went to town & did some party shopping for me. Colleen wanted to have some nice steaks, something we haven't had for quite awhile, and since she is only having 4 friends for the sleepover, I decided to splurge. The adults will have hamburgers. We still need to hit the farmers market for veggies & such, especially since 1 girl is a vegetarian. I haven't actually made any cards for a couple of days, but rather between cleaning & cooking have designed a few & I have been trying to keep up organizing my blog hop for next week.
Well, Tom, as husbands sometimes do, went off the track and drove to the 'city'. He did find some great bargains for stuff on our list. Then he hits the liquor store. Did I ever mention I LOVE ♥ Hummingbirds? Well, he says to me "I got you a present" "What? This is about Colleen! We don't have the money for ME!" (and if we did, couldn't I have a cuttlebug, Peachy Keens, Copic or just some nice color cardstock....LOL!) So he comes back from the truck with this........

Isn't that a Hoot! The cap even has 3 hummingbirds on it! It is an Ale, and I don't particularity like ales, but it is OK. Tom likes ales & rated this on a scale 1-10 as a 6. I already have plans for the four hummingbirds on the carton! Below the bottle, you will see a sneak peak of 1 of my projects for the hop. bet cha you can't guess what it is! :)

Hummer Hugs,
Misty Pin It

1 comment:

June Houck said...

I like hummingbirds too…can't wait to see what you make with these!