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Friday, May 6, 2011

Another OWH Card

*This is 2nd post for today, please scroll down for the others.*

Mojo is stuttering a bit, but I forgot I made this last week in PSP. Been hitting the donated red/blue paper hard! And someone asked me, so I will say, the focal point is made in PSPX. While in photo it might look like it is layered, in truth, the (in this case, bear) is created in PSP, I have added a 10-15 pixel border of both red & blue. I then save, then duplicate the original, close the original. I then re size my 'stamp' to fit my project. At this size, I get 8 to a sheet, with a bit of room to spare. then, after I trim it, I do mat it with coordinating stock, and usually pop it up!
Thank you for your emails & I will always gladly answer you. Yes, I do think you can use this even if you do not have PSP. I think you could take the whole sheet (or just one) insert image into Word, resize if needed & print. I am sure there are many at OWH who know more about this than I do. Also, yes, I will ask Sandy how I can share this (these)stamp(s). Or you could email me & I will send that way. Sandy is very busy & Ciara is too busy looking for a soldier to call her own!

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Cyndi S said...

Love your Patriotic Teddy Bear. Someone at home will be ecstatic to get this in the mail from their soldier.
cstephenson at q dot com

K Andrew said...

this is just absolutely precious--I love everything about it--the colors, the embossed dots, and that precious image!