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Friday, December 16, 2011

Another Gift Project

This is a gift I made for a co-worker (now ex-co-worker) :(  (Santa bring me a job)

  I had some 4" tiles leftover in shed from when we laid the kitchen counters & some thin corkboard.  So I took  3 of my pictures & one graphic and made a set of coasters, using several layers of Mod Podge.

  Here, progressively, I show all 4 tiles, in various stages of layers & drying processes. I have another one, naturally with a hummingbird, but can not locate the picture file on that one. I cut the corkboard 1/4" smaller & used hot glue to attach to bottom of coasters.

  In real life, once dry they look very smooth & shiny.

Work in progress......

Sorta dry, needs another coat....

 Another coat should do this one, will be the 4th coat!

This one is 1st coat & very wet still. It is also very special for several reasons.
Boopster is gone now, and someday I might tell you how she became a beloved family member.

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