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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Please Help!!!

I found this during a blog hop. I hope all my crafty friends can take time to make and send one more card this Holiday season!

"A Huge Favor to Ask

Happy Sunday everyone! It is a beautiful day here today, although there is some snow in the forecast for this week.   I have a huge favor to ask of you all.  A friend of mine has a nephew who just found out that he has cancer.  He is only 12 years old, a huge journey he has ahead of him.  I wanted to make this journey a little easier for him by letting him know that we are all pulling and praying for him.  So.....(yep here comes the favor!) if you could send him a card with encouraging thoughts he would so love that and I would so love it too.  He is a crafty little boy so he would love home made cards and I know he would be so surprised to get lots of cards through the mail.  It would help keep his spirits up while going through chemo and with the holidays upon us, it would help his parents to see smiles on his face because we have sent cards to him.  So what do you say?  Are you with me??  Lets shower this little boy with encouraging cards!!!  Thank you so much all my crafty friends, you are all just so awesome!
 Big Hugs, Brenda

Chris Palumbo
5 Spring Street
Waverly, NY  14892

Thanks again everyone and if you could please pass this along.  The more cards we can get out to him the more joy that we will give him!!"

Here is my card.....

Thanks y'all for helping me help Young Chris!

Original posting is Here .


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Crafty Khandy said...

I am in! Hosting a card party tomorrow and will ask they all (only 4 of us) make our last card for him.

Ann said...

I'm in. We have an OWH cardmaking party next weekend, I'll see if we can't do a few for him!

Brenda said...

Your card is absolutly adorable! I know Chris will adore it!! Thank you so much for posting this on your blog!! You are awesome!! Big hugs-Brenda