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Saturday, January 7, 2012

HI-HO-HI-HO Off To The Doctors I Go!

  In my last post, I showed a picture of my 'spider bite?' I could not get into the doctors Friday, but had an appointment for Saturday 11:45am. I have been dealing with this since early Tuesday. I had to roll a lot of change to make the payment, which is why I didn't want to go.  Now, usually, this Dr. sings 'Cat scratch fever' to me since I seem to always see him when I have a bite from an animal rescue. So we joked he could now hum 'I don't Like Spiders & Snakes'. But he looked at my arm 4 times, turning away each time to think & then look again. He said, "It does not look like a spider or insect bite to me. I think it is Shingles, you have over 20 lesions there."  "But," he continued, "It is not presenting like a typical case of shingles, with the extended rash." OK, like I am 'typical'...LOL! "Does it hurt?"  Yes! So he decides to culture it. Did that hurt? HELL YES!  So he sends in 2 scripts, one for Sulfamethoxazole-TPM DS , mostly for preventive reasons. He said something about 'pain management', but I shrugged, I do not like to do drugs, unless it is beer!  So off to the drug store, with change purse getting lighter by the minute. I buy the biggest band aid pad they have to keep it clean, like he said. My sweet DH asked if I wanted to pop into the Pub for a beer, but, I said no, we have some at home. When I got home & looked over the drugs & info, I HIT the roof! For 'pain' he gave me 800 MG of Ibuprofen, to be taken 3 times a day! We have a twin pack from Sam's, 1000 pills, 200 MG. I could have taken 4 at a time if I needed to. I just wasted all that money!! And since it is my right arm, I even hurt to do graphics and chores. DH & Girl child are out shooting, which I won't even attempt.

  Culture results should be back by Wednesday. Thanks to every one for your concern & reading this novel. Needless to say, I never made the Dollar Store :(

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Melody said...

Misty I am so sorry to hear about your neighbor had shingles on his stomach all the around to his back...very pain and took a long time to heal,,,I hope yours is not shingles and if it is I hope it is small and goes away fast. Luv ya.
Melody in Nv

Anonymous said...

Misty did you ever get your glasses? So sorry to hear of your shingles. Makes me think of other people we know that had them. I'm doing the 4 200mg Ibuprofen twice a day and on occasion 3 times for my pinched nerve in my back. Prayers going out for you, Sis! Hugs, Lizz

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