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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Racism in Reverse

  We are not racists. We treat everyone equally, black, white or polka dots.

  Most of you have seen pics of my hubby. He is 6'6" massive, with a long, greying beard & deep voice. Most 'lil' ones think he is 'Santa'! Older folks think ZZ Top.

  OK. So last week I posted about my medical problem.  My darling went to our local pharmacy we have used for 30 years. He had just moved to bigger storefront across the street. All Tom wanted was another pack of large band aids to cover the blisters. (hang with me here) Ya know how, at the grocery store, when cashier has a problem and needs a supervisor to 'key' register to clear or authorize? Well, at the new location, the pharmacist (John) WAY upgraded systems. To clear register requires a FINGERPRINT SCAN! Cool Beans!

  So the poor assistant makes a boo-boo on the band aids (or system did, still new) & needed the pharmacist on duty to 'print' register to clear. So.. there is this black woman standing there (among a few other customers of assorted heritages) when cashier asked for help and she says..." Just get HIS prints from the Post Office" Tom & cashier both do a double take. Took a few tries, all during which this woman made derogatory, nasty remarks aimed at my husband.. I am SO proud of him! He keep his tongue! But, he (and others) shot her some dirty looks. Out of the blue to be 'profiled' and attacked like this? Geeze!

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Boni said...

Oh I thought he was a Biker like us ....hmmm never thought of ZZ top. Sometimes when they see us (my family ) they are frightened cause we all look like bikers (Prolly cause we were ) fear is a two way street too. Made me laugh though Hugs Boni

Brenda said...

i know excatly where you are coming from Misty when I go shoping if I am in a harley shirt and jeans I get the "floor walkers"( security tailing us all over the mind you the same store if I wear my church clothes or am dressed up I get totally different service...sooo wrong people judge others this way

Zelia a/k/a Ze2Be said...

Now see, I thought he looked like a true mountain man and since my dh and all his family are from the mountains of NC I don't see anything wrong with that. Misty, between the two of us, we have some great material for an on the road show, I just don't know if the whole world is ready for us! Love you bunches and keep up the great sense of humor. Hugs, Zelia

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