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Thursday, January 19, 2012

What's For Supper? 1/18/2012

About 20? years ago I found the original recipe in the 'Old Farmers Almanac" I have converted it to this family favorite. (Recipe below pics) I just call it 'Farmers Chicken.'

Browned off.
Plated after baking in wine for 40 minutes. Spoon sauce over chicken & noodles.

*Preheat oven to 350°
*Start a large pot of water for the noodles.
*1/2 large boneless chicken breast per person. Pound the chicken flat in a sturdy zipper bag.
*Shredded cheese of choice. I change this up every time, but sharp, mozz, your family's fav, or a combo works well. Pile cheese in the middle of the breast, roll up and use toothpicks to secure.
*Prepare a dredge bowl of flour with spices you like. I use lemon pepper. Coat the chicken well in the flour. Brown all sides nicely in a skillet. I use cast iron skillet & olive oil.
*Transfer chicken to a pyrex baking dish. **(See note below)**
* Add about 1/2 cup of white wine over chicken. If you don't want wine, use chicken stock or maybe water, though I never have & it won't taste the same. (The alcohol cooks off & just flavors the dish, no worries about a drunken family!)
*Cover with foil, slightly vent one corner, cook for 40-50 minutes.
* Cook wide egg noodles, or pasta of choice, drain, return to pot. Add 1 stick of butter to 1 pound of noodles, adjust for lesser amounts. Honest, I don't know how much parm to add, I just go for the cheesiest! Still needs to be moist & stringy, not too dry. Cover pot, till all is ready.
*When chicken is done, plate it with the noodles parm. Spoon the nice cheesey sauce from baking dish over the whole kit-n-kaboodle!
* I serve with carrots, salad & bread.
** I make a double batch of this. After I brown off, I put some either on a pan to flash freeze, then transfer to zipper bag, or into a spare baking dish. Then just add wine to pan & cook off the same way, just add 10 minutes or so depending on your oven.**
***PLEASE if you don't personally remove every toothpick yourself, tell your family/guests, that this is a 'toothpick meal'. Even then beware of 'breakoffs!" still inside! Just sayin'.

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