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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day 2012

Not the greatest day for Tom. His mother was back in hospital yesterday, she just will not take her medicines. Came home, but the visiting nurse had her taken back in. So this am she calls and says she is ready to come home, but asks we lie to the Doc. (I am really making this short version) She calls 4 times! Jeeps..he is on his way! Each time She tells me she told the Doc., that Tom can't talk to him cause he has to be at work,but I assure her Tom can manage a few minutes to speak to him. Now this isn't the hospital she goes to every few days, this is a bigger one out of town. When she pulled that 'I wish I was dead', thing she always does and the doctor saw the notation, he wanted to speak to us and have her see a Psychiatrist. I have been begging for that for over a year. so we will see. Meanwhile, poor Tom, got back home in time to eat his supper quick & go to work. Colleen gave him the Soapstone Rocks we got him for his Makers Mark, and the card below. He will be home at midnight, the back to work 6am.

The image & layers are on a homemade wobble. I used CB Diamond plate on the sliver foil paper.

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1 comment:

Donna Hanley said...

Misty, this is a great card. I've always loved the diamond plate for masculine cards. Great image. I'm sorry you are having all this trouble with Tom's mom. It must be extremely hard on all of you. Try to enjoy the rest of the week.