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Friday, June 22, 2012

Fully Charged & Ready to Play! OH JOY!

I must say the Canon Rebel holds a charge for a long time & many picture taking sessions, as well as downloading and it recharges fast.

I took a trip around this AM to get floral shots. 2 or 3 of these pics will be matted with a layer of black stock, and sent to Sandi, a fellow cardmaker for OWH, in a card while she is still on LVAC. Her summer job is a manager at a nursery! Just have to!

PLEASE leave a comment on THIS POST on which pic should go in next card for Sandi!

Bear is hoping Ciara will accept a playdate!

This is Capri's favorite spot to nap. On deck next to the grills!

Always nice to see these adding color & height to the front beds.

These roses will soon explode over & down the length of the side fence. They don't last long though, especially in this heat. I like to cut several and fill a small pretty glass bowl with water & these roses float in it. Makes a lovely centerpiece. While they look larger here, they are about the circumference of a quarter.

Did I mention it was hot? Doesn't include heat index!

This is my favorite lily, but it doesn't last long either. I have over 30 shots in this series, with/without visitor, but I won't bore y'all!

Stood on the wood frame of bed on tippy-toe to get this view!

What we had for supper last night. (This pic is NOT eligible to be sent to Sandi)

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Gina said...

I like the Pink Lily & Visitor! Gorgeous flower!

Anonymous said...

i like the doggy pic. So expressive!

Mandy said...

I can't choose i like em all. ..

Vick McClean said...

I love them all especially the doggy & cat but my fav for your next card is defo the Pink Lily & visitor!! I love the frames you use for your photos Misty and that's fantastic photography!! Don't know if you are aware but the pollen from Lilies can induce a horrible death on cats, if you didnt know you need to read up about it hun, i have 4 cats but no lilies for that reason, love your photos, and i am following you, beautiful blog hun xxxx Love Vick
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Nancy M said...

VERY hard to pick just one, but if I HAD to, it'd be Pink Lily & Visitor!

Beth L. said...

Our Lab runs when he sees a camera just like his owner my son! I like the picture of Bear or the Lily and butterfly.

Crafty Khandy said...

Either of the lilys - really great quality photos!

Tanya said...

Great pics chick!! I'd say the lily and butterfly :)