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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What's For Breakfast?

Got ya! Bet you thought I was gonna say 'what's for supper?' Well today I want to share a family favorite breakfast. I call them 'Misty Muffins' & I have been making them for years. Perfect for those on the go days, school days and just anytime of the day. While these do not look as pretty as the ones you get from a popular fast food chain, they are a heck of a lot cheaper! And, IMHO, I think tastier as well. You will however, need some time to prep these. More ramblings & recipe, or I should say, 'assembly' instructions, below pictures.
This was a frozen one that was nuked this am (a bit too long,,she did
(Figure 1)
So.. You will need;
* An egg ring or a clean, both ends off tuna can works just as well & can be reused.
* Pam®
* Butter *Optional
*12-24 English Muffins. I get mine on BOGO sales, or make my own.*Alternately, you can use bagels.*
*Equal amount of eggs to muffins.
* Same amount of cheese slices. I use American cheese.
*Any cooked meats your family likes. You can slightly undercook, because they will finish off when you cook in microwave. Bacon, Canadian bacon, very thin sausage patties, pork roll,etc. Figure 1 shows sliced ham from my deli, which did not need to be precooked.
Of course you do not have to use meat!
*Wax paper & aluminum foil.
*This is an assembly line so get ready. I find it easier to work in shifts, since toasting this many muffins strains the toaster. I use plates & trays to hold cooked items till assembly time.
For this demo, I am only making one just so I can photograph it.
*Preheat your favorite skillet (I use my Nana's cast iron) & your egg ring or can. Spray with Pam® and place in pan, with a dollop of butter.
Salt & pepper to taste, break yolk. (Figure 2) When top is set, remove ring & flip to finish. Repeat till all eggs are done.(Figure 3)
While you do these, keep toasting & buttering those muffins!
(Figure 2)
(Figure 3)
* Lightly toasted muffin. My peeps like this way.
(Figure 4)
* Egg on muffin
(Figure 5)
* Meat on top of egg
(Figure 6)
* Add your slice of cheese. *Note 'fold' in corners of square cheese, so cheese stays on sandwich when warmed, not on plate. (Not shown here)
(Figure 7)
*Close it up!LOL!
(Figure 8)
*Wrap in wax paper *VERY important! Then wrap in foil, using tape, date & mark the package. Include the type of meat topping or not.(not shown)
(Figure 9)
* In conclusion ( 'finally' you say under your breath)
The addition of foil, protects these in the freezer. Then you remove foil and place wax paper covered 'Misty Muffin' in your microwave for 1.25-2 minutes. This will depend on your microwave.
Please post your comments and if you make these, a link to your pictures of family enjoying these!
Enjoy this recipe, from my neck of the woods, to yours!
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