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Friday, February 8, 2013

Lost MoJo Challenge

I posted this on Face book today..."Der-te-Der ♫ ♪ Der-ta-Derrr ♫ ♪ MoJo has died :(
I got this response from a fellow crafter... "NOOOOOOOOO... say it isn't so Misty!!"
Her name is Cindy E. and she CRACKED me up!
Then she issued a challenge....The original post went 'postal' and disappeared, but she posted this link, Getting Scrappy And challenged me to me and her to do it together! What a cool beans idea! So I did! I will say, Cindy is a great card maker for OWH, and one I follow, CASE from and try to learn from. I will post her link to her's when I get it. So here it is...recipe below. *Click to enlarge*
Everything but card base is a scrap. The pale rose base paper is textured and I did score it above & below the squares.That layer is also popped up on 'precious'. The bow is attached with a small glue dot. I switched sides from the original, cause while trying to cut 1" squares, the cat tried to climb my leg to help. I am still not quite used to this guillotine cutter and I 'flinched'. So I put ribbon over boo-boo! This card is not going into OWH box, due to multi flaws.
Here is Cindy's card. Isn't it Great?!
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1 comment:

Cindy E. Burton said...

I LOVE your watermark... twisted mind and all! Great combo of colors. Isn't this a super design to get rid of those little pieces? SO... are you un-stuck?!! We've got work to do...