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Saturday, February 16, 2013

OWH VCMP Challenge #3 -Texture Omit/Selective Embossing

Challenge 2 of Operation Write Home's VCMP, is offered up by Beth. I love Beth but gosh, she sure made me work this one! Dang near tossed the cuttlebug and my attempts into the nearest bog! Here is my sorry attempt. I feel I really need something to 'circle' or accent the hummer more? Stamp & drying up ink pad almost joined the others in a woodland burial. I just got 12 rolls of ATG and ran out in middle of this card. Took FOUR rolls before I found one that worked. Apparently, the other were backwards or something :(

Place the “diffuser” where you DON’T want the embossing and run through your Cuttlebug with this sandwich combo: A Plate- Folder- Diffuser- C plate

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1 comment:

Beth L. said...

Great job on your card, Misty. I love your hummingbird and the flowers from the folder.
I saw a video where the flat part was put thru the Cuttlebug with the negative piece which popped it out more and then she ran a bone folder around the edge of it to define it more. The nice thing about being able to make your own is you can make different shapes and put the blank area where you want it.