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Friday, April 5, 2013

Dog With No Name

And a 'Hemingway' Cat. Both were found here as strays. Colleen named the kitten 'Thor'. We only just found the dog. He was wet, cold hungry and filthy. so I bathed him and fed him. He is very sweet, gets along with everyone and listens well. Follows me everywhere! But, sadly, i haven't found a name to fit him. I am not even sure what breed(s) he is. I took these pic of him, and the other 2 dogs had to get in the shots, and in the one with the Shep., you can see how small he is compared. His feet are clean, but his salt & pepper fur makes them look muddy! I have seen an increase of animals dumped out here, lately. Too bad I can't keep them all.
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1 comment:

jperr said...

The little dog looks like a Shit shu.
Blessing's Jocelan