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Monday, June 24, 2013

Day Tripping 6-23-2013

Yesterday we made a day trip up north a bit.
1st stop, the utility pole farm. This is where they grow poles for telephone & electricity. :P
This 'farm' is located in Chester.*
~Click on pictures to see larger~

We then went on to Morristown, to Speedwell to see some of the 2nd NJ Brigade. This is the 'powder monkey' waiting for the Captain to call for the powder charge for the cannon. The building behind him has a working 24' waterwheel.

This is the 6# brass cannon. Big BOOM!

Next we review the troops. At least this time the men in their wool suits were in the shade, not the 90° treeless field.

We also stopped at Mt. Freedom, to see the grave.

We stopped in for a quick visit with relatives, 'The Sherrin Girls'. Then headed home with a stop at Five Guys Burgers.

*Oh, the utility pole farm? In reality, it is a testing ground. They test preservatives on the poles to see how long they last and how good they work! Tom's grandfather always told the kids that it was a farm..LOL!

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Dawn Barrett said...

Thanks for including us in your vacation adventure!! Happy BIF day too!

Marie97 said...

Looks like a nice trip...and I live the pole farm ;). TFS from BIF