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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Addition To The Family

The story of Lazuras, the kitten.
(Updates are HERE if you already know his story) Tom works in a prison in the powerhouse as a Stationary Engineer, supplying steam for heat and other necessary functions. There are a couple of cats running around, which of course, is all good for rodent control. However they have apparently not been spayed/neutered. Last week or so they discovered  3-4 kittens romping around a boiler. Most of the guys fed them. (They now all have been adopted & taken home with employees) But there was one that was discovered by a CO, that had fallen down a grate. She couldn't reach it.
By the time Tom got to work it was out, but according to another CO, it's 'eyes were rolled back in it's head'. Tom picked it (him?) up and he was SO cold! So he tucked him under his beard and massaged him. He also carried him on his rounds all night. Tom called me at home. The 'guess what hon' phone! So when he got home, I had mixed up a batch of 'baby formula' for him. He was still very cold & hungry & he gobbled down the formula and snuggled with me. I put him in a pet carrier with lots of sheets & blankies and a heating pad that I have had since 1980 & still works. He is too small to sleep with us for warmth and  needed some heat.

So the next morning he is still alive, we name him Lazarus. He is so cute, and will box if I 'stimulate' him with a warm-moist cotton ball/Q-tip. Very wobbly walking, but has a LOUD purr. Loves Tom's beard & girl childs ear lobe! Me, he just paws at. He knows I am the milk-lady! It will soon be 48 hours and we have seen much improvement. I hope he continues to thrive.When Tom went back to work, the CO's  and even some of the prisoners asked how the kitten was doing!  Like most 'lil' boys, he hates his face washed after meals! *As of today-6PM EST. He weighs 13.5. If you'd like to help me buy replacement milk, ($5.49 a can) there is a PayPal donate button at the bottom of the page)

**Update(s) HERE
**Original Post**
**Update 1**
**Update 2**

1.  *Took me 4 shots with my small Olympus to get this shot one handed, backackwards! Maybe I should have tried the cell phone :P
** Tom can NOT yell at me anymore for 'collecting' strays! LOL!

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Marie97 said...

Oh, my...what a sweet little thing. Praying that he continues to thrive.

Vanessa said...

Sweet picture!!

Joanna said...

Oh so cute!


Sukie said...

Congrats to you on your new addition! BIF

Cara said...

Having "raised" an abandoned feral myself I know what it's like trying to feed them and keep them healthy. Ours is now 6 years old and she weighs in at around 17 pounds.

He is adorable and so lucky to have you for his new family.

I am praying for his his continued health!

NanaConnie said...

Lazarus is adorable! My daughter and her family just finished fostering 4 puppies which were abandoned at about 10 days of age. She and her two daughters took turns feeding them every 3 hours, then every 4 to 5 hours as they got older. Her son, who is only 7, helped out whenever he could and would have done it all if he'd had his way. :-D I understand about the costs of the pet formula and the dedication it takes to nurture a tiny baby kitten or puppy long enough to be confident that they will survive. What a blessing to have that addition to your family, though. My grandkids were just heart broken when the puppies were old enough to go back to the shelter for adoption, having fallen in love with them during the nurturing process which went on for nearly 7 weeks.

(AJ) ArtJypsy said...

Too cute. Wow. what a story. so glad it had a happy ending. :)

EMR said...

It is said that you can tell the state of a person's heart by the way they treat animals. You and your husband are obviously good people. Bless you.

Tina said...

what a little cutie! popping in from the BIF ladder. Hugs Tina x

Linda in Sweden said...

What a sweetheart. <3

Hugs from Linda