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Monday, January 6, 2014

Homemade Glue Dots

  A while ago I posted in my Facebook group Scrap To Treasure, where, by the way I have the BEST members, a request. This is what I asked; 
"Can anyone recommend a SUPER strong CLEAR glue dot brand? I need some for my soap labels. But I am short on cash, so needs to be economical as well. TIA"
  Well, it was no surprise to me that I got a quick response.  Jen from The Sparkle Within directed me to her blog with a simple, easy way to make these dots at home on the cheap. I needed these for my soap labels. The ones I have, that most of us have on hand work well on paper and such, but just didn't cut it on shrink wrap. plus, I had no money to buy any. So I bookmarked her blog and added Aleene's Tack-It Over & Over to my ever growing wishlist. The nearest crafty place (ACMoore, Michaels, etc. is over an hour away)  So I figured around Feburary I'd finally afford to get there! However, during this time I also was sponsoring a Christmas goodie envelope exchange. I wound up with 2 ladies because we had an extra participant. One of my ladies had the flu hit her family hard, so she was delayed in sending my envie. But apparently, she saw the post about the Tacky Glue and guess what? Yuppers! She included a bottle of that glue in my package! So below are the results. I used her basic measurements. I used a bright, florescent pink paper so I can find the I also used parchment paper, these were cut small, but will get it closer next time. Following Jen's advice, I placed them high up and out of the way to dry, so no one grabbed them and also to keep them free of pet fur/feathers. I opted for small dots & I used a couple of brads I got as a RAK from...shall I say it...the same group :)  to hold the whole folder neatly. And yes, the shot of the dots is horrid, but the snow covered skylight just won't let me take a good pic.


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