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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Whats On The Table Today 1/4/14

  Woke up to 2°, not including wind chill & inside was a balmy 52°. Eden Pure screwed up my heater order, and my poor propane heater alone can't handle this cold. Because I expected heaters I don't even have the kerosene heater for backup. It needs a new wick & fresh fuel. Sadly it is to get colder yet this week. Oh well.

  Mainly to help warm the house, I made sweet corn bread for breakfast. Kitchen was so cold, I had to nuke the butter to soften it!

Dinner wasn't fancy today. Just simple grilled velveetta sandwiches & fresh sliced navel oranges.
 Since Tom is working 3-11, supper for the rest of us was also going to be simple & quick. Except I didn't know what I wanted to fix. I did want an oven dish to warm house, but not huge family meal. Then a friend *Thanks Gogo* suggested pizza. Hmmm... bread machine sitting over there with a dough cycle....equals pizza dough!  While rolling dough, I was undecided what pan to use, round or rectangle, So....
It's the cheesiest!
And of course a nice dessert to top off the night (and one last chance to heat the house)
Dreadful lighting issues tonight.

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