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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Philadelphia Flower Show 2014 9

*Welcome to the 9th (and final) post of the pics from the show. If you just popped in there is a menu below for the published pages in order.*

  This last page just has a few shots as we leave the city. Most were taken from a moving truck, but still some nice shots. Thanks for looking.

This parking lot is on the corner of 8th & Market streets. I spent 3 years coming and going to & from the subway station just to the left of Burger King. This was during the time I needed to take Tommy for cancer treatments. So then I would walk under the mural down a couple of blocks and catch a bus up to 34th to Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), the reverse the trip in the afternoon Monday-Friday. So when we come to the city I always can find this parking lot. Tom is headed toward our black truck.

So we get into truck head toward mural and turn right. Actually, you have to make a right, it is a one way street! We go down a couple blocks, make a left and we are now at Independence Square.
Another left, another couple of blocks, this time passing the US Mint, and we come to....

The way home to NJ.

Some poor shots trying to get the Battleship NJ. But especially from this height and distance you have no clue how massive this ship is.

Vertigo anyone?
Over land on the Jersey side, final shot. Now to find a Five Guys!
Thanks for taking the tour.

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