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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Student Orientation 2015

It is really starting to set in now after the day at the college. I am sharing some pictures of the naked dorm room and commentary from this day. W0W! What a trip. Gonna have to stock up on tissues.I am still not very good taking pictures with cell phone, so please bear with me.
First up...

This is the front entrance. You can actually reach her dorm from here. On the left...see the four lights on the second floor? That is the Finance/Business/HR Dept. After we walked through the double doors and Colleen checked in, we were escorted to elevator, where staff scanned their card to call & open it. We then rode up there and after about 45 minutes of hard hitting numerical facts, we went back down to 1st floor for the next adventure. *Not shown* A few yards to the left of this entrance, is the Museum of Natural Science! How cool is that!

This is just to the right and there is a 'gift' shop where you can buy some lovely items, cards, posters, sculptures, etc., created by Moore students.

Blessedly, I took advantage of the financial office offering interviews before the official start of the student orientation. We had 11:30a. Orientation started 12p. We were only 5 minutes late. We arrive at Moore, but ugg..parking. So a few blocks away we finally found a garage that would accept a truck. 6'4"...with just barely room to spare. (They will be closing off the whole block around the college on move in day, Thank God) This shot was taken from the finance office. I suspected it was her dorm. * I was correct :). Her room is on the fifth floor, 3rd in from the right, on the other side, facing 20th street. There is a building across the street that houses the elderly. The students get together and make cards for them during certain holidays. How cool is that? This side shows the dining room upgrade construction. Under the trees  are round tables w/umbrellas for outdoor dining!

Right across from Colleens room! This can be good or bad. Traffic and noise. $1.25 per load per machine. in quarters. In 2 years, they hope system is in place that the student ID's will also scan for these. The brick wall you see corner of, is 6'? behind me to entrance and has a few shelves to store students laundry products. There are 2 machine sets for the whole floor. I *think that's 24 girls, plus the RA.

The beds are adjustable in height. The entrance to the room is on my left. Behind the bed on the left is the mini fridge & microwave. Colleen wants the AC side. It has a tad more space, since the entrance to the room is on the left side. Window looks out on 20th street.

Shelving and places to post pictures and such.

The vanity provides 4 lockable drawers per girl.

The pocket door closet is about 5'wide and has these shelves at the end. One for each girl on either side of the vanity.

Vanity counter top and mirror. The girls share this space. Last time to see it this clean/empty!

This is to the left of the main door. 4 hooks and rod with top shelf. All 4 girls will share this. Directly in front of the main door is the bathroom. It has a stalled toilet, shower and double sinks, plus a large closet for storage.

Real starting to soak in.

Will post some from move in day if I manage to take any. If you would like to donate toward Colleen's College Shower, We'd appreciate it.  Colleen's College Shower

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