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Sunday, August 23, 2015


Our Lives Take a Change of Direction. Today is the first day that I awakened without Colleen in the house. Today Colleen awakened in her dorm room at Moore to begin her first full day at college. And yes, I cried myself to sleep. I believe we have set her up with the proper morals and support to succeed in anything she chooses to do. Colleen has the strength and courage to step forward on this journey and continue to be the beautiful, talented, young woman we all know her to be. Thanks to all my friends who have taken this journey with us and helped us through the rough spots. And a special thanks to all her teachers at BCIT that helped make this possible. Especially Susan M.Steich & Lisa Matera Harder. Another special thanks to those who donated to Colleen's college fund.

Here, I have added some shots of the day.

Stuff. Weeks of planning and packing.
It keeps growing....

It is almost done.....
Red bin has closet clothes on hangers ready to go. Bin for under the bed & a cube. Box has 'stuff'  for first needed.
But, when it came time to get the box to load on truck, Majick was having none of it.
The transport used to haul my child's stuff to college.
We packed up Friday afternoon.
And tarped it, just in case.

Saturday morning, ready to hit the road. Last look at home for awhile.
Logan Square. Directly across from the main entrance of Moore. Waiting for Colleen to get move in clearance.
 Colleen was cleared so we pull around to 20th St to offload  truck.
We were only 5th in line.
Almost had a disaster.  Tom & Colleen went out to pull truck out to the road. Colleen left her student ID on the key hook. I saw it as I was closing up house and snagged it. Whew!
We wait for bins. Thankful it was a beautiful day. No tarp needed. (Of course if we did not use tarp, it would have rained!)

Starting the off-loading into room. She was first in, and so she got the side of the room she wanted.
Coffee station!
1/2 of the closet. Very roomy. Other side has more hanging space and  small shelves from floor to top, plus shelf across the top. *Later she taped a poster to closet door*
Basically all moved in. Top shelf for more art supplies.
Looking down onto 20th street from her room.
South end of the dorm hall, view down.
South end of the dorm hall, up & left.
The penthouse has the student lounge. Take elevator to 5th floor (Colleen's floor) and then walk up 1 flight. This is the south side of the lounge.
Cable TV....
St. Clements from the south lounge.
The kitchen is in the middle of the lounges. (Her room does have a mini fridge & micro)
North side lounge. Behind the TV wall is a small area with desks so students can access wi-fi.
Out the window, some class rooms.

Right looking from the north lounge, classrooms.
The Franklin Institute seen from the north lounge.
Auditorium has another row of seating to the right. Very nice room.

Special mug for her coffee. Got it the year she was born.
Moore at night.

Well that's all folks. I thank you for looking. Please leave comments below. If you want to see the pictures from orientation please click here.

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